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Vanguard Caravan Services Ltd - Terms & Conditions Of Trading

1. General

In these conditions:

1.1. The Company means Vanguard Caravan Services Limited.

1.2. The customer means the person, Firm or company to whom The Company provides a service to, supplies or agrees to supply any of The Company's products (Herein, collectively called the Goods).

2. Payment

2.1. Payment for services shall be due and payable 28 days from the date of the invoice.

2.2. Payment for drain downs must be made in advance of the works. Non-payment will result in the drain down not being completed.

2.3. Payment for the price of the goods shall be made in full without any deduction of the invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing with the customer.

2.4. In the event of default in payment by the Customer the Company shall be entitled without prejudice to any other right or remedy to do all or any of the following:

2.4.1 to suspend all further works under this contract or any other contract between the Company and the Customer, without any notice;

2.4.2 to charge interest on any amount outstanding at the rate of 10% above the current base rate during the period from the due date for payment until actual payment;

2.4.3 to serve notice on the Customer requiring immediate payment for all other Goods supplied whether or not payment is due;

2.4.4 to take legal action against the Customer should payment not be received, all recovery costs and legal expenses will be payable by the customer.

2.5 All goods supplied by the Company shall remain the property of the Company until payment for the goods has been made in full by the Customer.

2.6Cheques received for payment of accounts, which fail to be honoured, will be subject to a £10 (plus VAT) administration charge.

2.7The Company accept all major credit/debit cards.

2.8New customers with no credit rating with the Company may be initially requested to pay on a pro-forma basis until a credit rating has been established.

2.9Credit references may be required by the Company prior to undertaking works on behalf of the customer. This would probably be from the caravan park owner/manager.

3. Bad Debtors

3.1Legal action will be taken against any Customer, who after appropriate reminders, still fails to settle the amount outstanding.

3.2 Where payment is not received for works which involve the issue of a Record e.g. Landlords Safety Inspection, Portable Appliance Test. The Company will contact the Caravan Park Management and revoke the validity of the Record.

3.3 All bad debtors will be placed on a database, which is available to all local caravan contractors.

3.4 The Company will not undertake any works on behalf of any Customer who has outstanding bad debts with either the Company or any other company.

4. Works for Customers

4.1 Keys, gas/electric and water supply must be available to enable the Company to undertake the appropriate works requested by the Customer. If they are not available, the Company will not be held responsible for:

4.1.1 Damage that may occur as a result of adverse weather conditions e.g. burst pipes

4.1.2 Loss of sub-let earnings due to the Customer's caravan not having current safety records in place e.g. Landlords Gas Safety Inspection

4.1.3 Customer's paying guests not being able to obtain Club/Swimming pool passes due to the Customer's caravan not having current safety records in place e.g. Landlords Gas Safety Inspection.

4.2 The Company will not undertake drain downs without an official Company booking form.

4.3 All drain cocks/screws will be removed from the Customer's caravan (and stored at the Company's offices) when it is drained down. If this is not acceptable to the Customer, the Company will not undertake the drain down.

4.4 Drain downs requested late or after a period of cold weather will be assessed for frost damage prior to undertaking the drain down. All apparent damage will be noted and conveyed to the customer. The customer being fully responsible for repairs during the reconnection of the water supply. The Company will not be responsible for any further damage that was not apparent at the time of the initial assessment (this is because pipework may be completely frozen and the extent of the damage will only be apparent when the pipes thaw).

4.5 The Company will not be held responsible for any frost damage which may occur after we re-commission the caravan (to the dates specified by the customer on the booking form). We will turn off the stop tap after re-commissioning.